Many people want to know what is raspberry ketone?. A common man might know that it is used for weight loss but might not know the details about it. In today’s world when everyone wants to lose weight in any way possible people are always on a look out for easy means to lose weight. Although raspberry ketone has other purposes also, it is mainly known as a weight loss medium that is available in a bottle and can be bought off the shelf.

Uses of Raspberry Ketone


If one wants to know what raspberry ketone is, then one must understand that it is actually a phenolic compound which is found in red raspberries and is known for its aroma and perfume.

  • It is seen that because of the aromatic appeal of the raspberries, it found usage in perfume industry and even cosmetics.
  • The other use of this compound is that because of its fruity aroma, it is used as an additive in various food products. It has been given the “generally recognized as safe” status by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • The other most famous use of raspberry ketone is that it is used to lose weight. It’s used in various medical supplements and is found in various health care products which are used for weight lose.

It is observed that since the natural produce of this compound is very minimal, there are industrial methods that are used to procure raspberry ketone synthetically. It takes almost one kilogram of raspberries to produce 2 to 4 mg of pure raspberry ketone. This makes it an expensive commodity.

How it Works?


Products containing raspberry ketone are effective in helping one lose weight in a quick and effective manner. People tend to lose almost 5 to 10 pounds in the first few weeks of use. It can be taken by both men and women who are unable to lose weight through other methods of weight lose such as exercise and a controlled diet. All one has to notice is that the product should be original as there are many fake items doing the rounds in the market. By the intake of health supplements containing raspberry ketone, the metabolism of one’s body shoots up significantly, hence making it easier for one to reduce his or her weight. It targets the carbohydrate intake in one’s body and helps in weight loss. This should help one to understand what is raspberry ketone.

Health Benefits of Raspberry Ketone


Apart from losing weight and achieving a slimmer waist, products that contain this compound have other health benefits also to its credit which are given below

  • This compound is rich in anti-oxidant which helps a person to get rid of the free radicals and hence help in delaying ageing.
  • It also contains vitamins such as vitamin C, B1 and B12. It is also rich in magnesium and potassium.
  • It also has inflammatory properties that help one to fight diseases.

All this should help to clear doubts regarding what is raspberry ketone.


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