What are Anti-Oxidants?

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The basic definition of a product containing an antioxidant is that it inhibits the oxidation of certain compounds that helps in preventing ailments. Now there are a number of food products that contain antioxidant properties which can be well understood only after getting the benefits of antioxidants. They are known to prevent some good amounts of diseases because of which people want to and are even advised to consume foodstuffs containing antioxidants. The Vitamin C and E products do have such characteristics.

Antioxidant and its Effects


Antioxidants prevent any damage to the cells in the body which helps preventing many diseases. Because of such advantages it is known to prevent diseases that are caused due to irregular cell mutations and growth like in the case of certain cancers. It also repairs the damage of the cells to a certain extent. This is advantageous as oxidation is not always required and if prevented at certain levels even helps curb diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. It is generally used to improve the immunity in the body and to prevent cell dysfunction. You must care to notice what foods contain antioxidant properties to benefit from eating them on a daily basis. There is a common way of testing antioxidant existence in foodstuffs which is by seeing how red the food is. The better the red color naturally, that better is the anti oxidizing characteristics of the food type.

Food Containing Antioxidant and its Effect


A good diet that includes some rich fruits, vegetables, and grains can provide the necessary amounts of antioxidants in your body. The famous vegetables that contain the antioxidants and can be included in our diet on a daily basis are spinach, sweet potatoes, eggplant and Russet potatoes. They are easily available in the local market and can be clubbed in a lot of dishes to provide you the necessary antioxidants. Hence you must try to eat such foods so that you get their benefits of nutrition’s they contain.

They are all also rich in the content of calcium, vitamin and potassium that are also required well in our body, if you are not a veggie but like fruits with the ease with which they can be carried and eaten then you must see this list of these antioxidants that fruits host. The berries, apples, oranges, plum is the fruits that are most rich in the content of antioxidants. Antioxidants hence when consumed in these food types on a daily basis show their worth of doing well to your body. Their other characteristics such as preventing cancer, heart diseases and altitude sickness are very well known.

Preventing Oxidation with Antioxidants


With oxidation that is such a necessary action in the body, it is accompanied by emission of free radicals that further trigger chain reactions, but excess of oxidation can lead to complexity in the microorganisms, plants and animals. Thus you need to consume food stuffs as well as products that have antioxidants that prevent many reactions that can cause problems in our lives.


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