The vegetables are a good source of Antioxidants as we eat them on a daily basis and hence there is a need to find out the Top 5 antioxidant vegetable to include them in our diet and food ingredients. There are many vegetables that we eat that contain antioxidants and there are also some types that you may not eat that contain the same, hence it calls for a need to get to know these vegetables better to learn how you can use them to your health advantage by including them in your meals.

The list of the Top 5 antioxidant vegetable is discussed as below and you must wow before seeing it to include them in your meals with the great benefits of antioxidants that are present in these vegetables in the most readily assimilated form. The list is as below

  • Artichoke Hearts

These are a little off from what you would have as vegetables in your meals and hence stands for a need to be included in your diet. They are used in the boiled form for maximum benefits of the nutritional value they impart. You must avoid their packs in oils as they are high in fat content and that is not what you want in an attempt to increase the consumption of antioxidants.

  • Russet potatoes

The next in the list of the Top 5 antioxidant vegetable is these potatoes that are known to provide a high level of antioxidants with their inclusion in your diets. The benefits of antioxidants that are known to prevent many diseases and even prevent cell damage are all acquired by having this vegetable. They are versatile to be used well in cooking and are a good source of carbs and potassium. People knowing this make full use of them and they must be used if in need of some antioxidants.

  • Spinach

The next in our list of Top 5 antioxidant vegetable is the all time famous spinach that is even advertised to be a very healthy ingredient in your food, but the fact stays that it is also a great antioxidant with other properties of irons, vitamins, calcium and even potassium. With the diversity of its inclusion in your meals in the forms of soups, salads, sandwiches, you are exposed to a good deal of its use in your potions for the day. Get to know how you can eat more of it as it is one vegetable that is easily available and is also very healthy to consume.

  • Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also rich in antioxidant form. They are used better in the baked form and are good for the ones who have a sweet tooth. It also contains a lot of vitamins A and C for which they are consumed in better proportions

  • Eggplant

The eggplant is another vegetable that is rich as the source of antioxidants, fiber, potassium and is even less in calories. It is used in many food forms to include as a tasty and healthy ingredient.

All of these Top 5 antioxidant vegetable must have a nice and a permanent place in your meals for you to benefit from antioxidant properties.


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