Bodybuilding and Antioxidants

The importance of antioxidants is realized by the medical fraternity as well as people involved in the fitness industry. The human body requires all kinds of vitamins, minerals and proteins to perform various functions within the human body. As you supply all the required nutrients and undergo sufficient exercises, you can maintain your fitness levels. Antioxidants play a vital role in your body by fighting against disease causing elements. If you are in the bodybuilding activity, you should take plenty of nutrients (including fruits and vegetables that have plenty of antioxidants) not only to keep fit but also to be protected by various sicknesses.

Importance of Antioxidants

Free radicals are some kind of chemicals produced in your body. They have the capability to kill the cells in various organs of your body. If your body accumulates a sufficient number of free radicals, you will be exposed to life threatening diseases like cancer, heart ailments and nervous disorders. Free radicals are produced in the human body due to various reasons including smoking, going through extreme stressful conditions, drugs and exposure to extreme sunlight. Even though you will go for physical exercises, you cannot have control of the growth of free radicals in your body. In order to fight against these free radicals and to protect your overall health, you should increase the intake of the volume of antioxidant through your food.


Source of Anti-oxidants

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidant. It helps in the regeneration of tissues. The presence of vitamin C in your body will give you immunity. Your body will have the capacity to heal wounds quickly. You will also less allergic to various food items.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another promising antioxidant that will prevent muscle damage. It will also fight against free radicals. It has the capability to destroy the existing free radicals in your body. Vitamin E can effectively address the annihilation of red blood vessels. This will help your body to maintain the required oxygen supply to all the organs.


Minerals play vital role in building strong tissues. They will also help in repair of tissues. They will ensure that oxygen is transported to the cells. You will have better digestion as well. By ensuring sufficient levels of minerals in your body, you can have strong nerves and strong muscles.


Why for Bodybuilders?

Antioxidants are useful for every human being regardless of the profession. These are suggested in the overall health point of view. As a bodybuilder you should have a strong physic. You should train up your muscles to grow stronger. This can be best accomplished when you have total fitness. As antioxidants have the capacity to arrest the free radicals, you will be able to maintain serene health. There are a number of food supplements in the market. Raspberry Ketone Plus is the entrant which was prepared from multiple fruit extracts. By taking one or two pills on a daily basis, you will ensure that your body will get all the required nutrients including antioxidants in the quite natural form.

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  • Kathleen Haight October 16, 2012 at 13:05

    So this is the actual function of antioxidants. I know that Vitamin C has supple amounts of antioxidants that is why I usually eat fruits that are high in vitamin C like oranges and mangoes. I should be more consious about what I put into my stomach to prevent disorders.


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