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What is Raspberry Ketone?

Ketones are natural aromatic compounds. They are responsible for how things smell to us, and, by extension, how they taste.

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Raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic compound that’s the main aroma compound of red raspberries. Raspberry ketones produce the scent of fresh red raspberries, and are found in the fruits themselves. This compound does more than just smell nice- it’s a potent fat melter, too.

Raspberry ketones help trigger the body to produce more of a compound called “adiponectin.” Adiponectin is a hormone that helps govern a lot of your body’s metabolic processes, including how your blood glucose levels are regulated, and how your body breaks down fatty acids. It’s mostly produced by fatty tissue, and is one of the most abundant hormones in the blood stream… at least, it should be. Research has shown that the higher your levels of adiponectin are, the more likely you are to be thin. By boosting your levels of adiponectin with natural raspberry ketones, you can trigger weight loss.


What is Raspberry Ketone Plus?

raspberry ketones plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus is one of the hottest new supplements to hit the market. As was mentioned on Dr. Oz’s show, each dose of this supplement contains as much raspberry ketone compounds as ninety pounds of fresh raspberries. You get powerful, concentrated fat-burning power, in convenient pill form.

Raspberry Ketone Plus doesn’t just contain raspberries, either. In addition to a concentrated dose of raspberry ketones, this supplement contains green tea, apple cider vinegar, and an abundance of other healthy ingredients. These ingredients were chosen based on their ability to help you lose weight, detoxify your body, and protect your cells from free radical damage. Raspberry Ketone Plus is full antioxidants, so you can help boost your health while you shed unwanted pounds.


Raspberry Ketone Plus Ingredients

Raspberry Ketone Plus contains:


Raspberry Ketone Plus contains 100 mg of raspberry ketone each capsule. These aromatic compounds promote the production of adiponectin in fatty tissue, which helps the body melt down fat.

Green Tea

Green tea extract. Green tea is a natural source of ECGC, an antioxidant that encourages weight loss. It also contains a small quantity of caffeine, which helps boost your metabolism.


Resveratrol is a super powerful antioxidant found in red wine and Japanese knotweed. It is among the strongest dietary antioxidants known to man, which means it can help protect your cells from free radical damage like no other antioxidant out there.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been touted to help with weight loss, and numerous other health issues. Sometimes called a “jog in a bottle,” the natural nutrients and enzymes in apple cider vinegar help promote safe, gentle, gradual weight loss.


Kelp is a sea vegetable that’s full of vitamins and minerals. It is especially rich in iodine, which helps promote weight loss by supporting the function of the thyroid gland.


It contain special enzymes that, when they are eaten with protein, can produce rapid weight loss. It is also high in vitamins and fibre, which are great for supporting your health while you diet.
  • Caffeine. Caffeine is a gentle, natural stimulant found in coffee, chocolate, and tea. It helps to boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories per day.


What are the Differences Between Raspberry Ketone Plus and Other Raspberry Ketone Supplements?


When it comes to raspberry ketone supplements, not all of them are created equal. Dr. Oz mentioned how many pounds of raspberries you’d have to eat in order to consume enough ketones to lose weight, and raspberries are expensive fruits. As a result, many supplement manufacturers skimp on the amount of ketones in their supplements. With Raspberry Ketone Plus, you know you’re getting a full dose of raspberry ketones- ninety pounds’ worth!


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Other diet supplements also fall short in some other categories, too. Even those that contain the same amount of ketones as Raspberry Ketone Plus usually don’t contain any of this supplement’s other ingredients. That means that you’d be missing out on the health and weight loss benefits of apple cider vinegar, grapefruit, and all of the other good things in Raspberry Ketone Plus. Raspberries are good, but they aren’t the only miracle food out there. Why settle for raspberry ketones alone, when you can get the benefit of raspberry ketones plus a lot of other proven ingredients?

To help boost their effectiveness and artificially improve their results, some other raspberry ketone supplements cheat by adding in things like amphetamines to their formulas. These help increase your metabolism, but can cause all kinds of bad side effects in the process. It’s not uncommon for amphetamines to cause things like heart palpitations, mood swings, and other problems. Raspberry Ketone Plus is all natural, and doesn’t contain any harsh stimulants. You get the benefit of raspberry ketones and the other natural ingredients in the supplement, without any of the irritability or nervousness you’d get with synthetic stimulants.

Don’t settle for a supplement that contains the bare minimum of raspberry ketones. Choose the genuine article- Raspberry Ketone Plus. Your body will be happy that you did!


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